TASA Chonburi Office

Component Capabilities (COM) / Wheels & Brakes (WHB)

Components Wheels And Brakes Program TASA

Our Component Product Line specializes in the Overhaul and Repair of aircraft components and Wheels & Brakes.

TASA now provides support of the following:

  • APL Line-Replaceable Units (LRUs)
  • Landing Gear Door components
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Fan Thrust Reverser Actuators

With full capabilities including Functional Test, Repairs and Overhauls with exchange pool and excellent turn times.

TASA is pleased to provide customized Repair Programs for our valued customers, to include such as T&M repairs, Flat Rate repairs, NTE, Power by Cycles and Exchange pools, plus performance evaluation reporting designed to suit your specific requirements.

TASA provides full-spectrum service for a wide variety of Wheels and Brakes products to meet all of your existing and future needs:

Aircraft Models: B737, B757, B767, B777, A320, A321, A330, A350, ATR72, Q400

Specialized Equipment:

  • Bead breaker machine
  • Automatic washing machine(for wheels)
  • Wheel and Tire Assembly Machine
  • Automatic Eddy Current machine
  • Automatic Torque machine


  • Testing / Inspection
  • Repair and Overhaul
  • Perform inspection per tire change, overhaul, overload, overheating and hard landing criteria

 Additionally, our internal Machining Shop has full capability to perform piece part repairs as per CMM guidelines